Convenience, Compassionate Care, Comfort

Two major groups of individuals benefit from true open MR scanner design: Claustrophobic patients and those that are simply uncomfortable in the standard closed MRI.  The standard MRI scan often involves a cylinder-shaped scanner that can be uncomfortable and cause anxiety in some patients.

Tinley Park Open MRI provides maximum diagnostic performance while ensuring optimum patient comfort.  The open, spacious design provides greater comfort and less anxiety during the scanning process.  In fact, our truly Open MRI, accommodating patients up to 500lbs., provides the most open design and space of any MRI in the world. At Tinley Park Open MRI, you can be confident that you are receiving the latest in comfort and diagnostic excellence.

Our Open MRI is also excellent for children and elderly patients who would like to have their family close to hold their hand.  As MRI does not involve radiation, love ones or caregivers are welcome to sit with the patient during the exam offering their presence and support.