About Us

Superior technology, for greater piece of mind

Tinley Park Open MRI is your premier diagnostic imaging center, committed to providing the best imaging experience possible.  We deliver quality diagnostic imaging that is convenient, simple and affordable.  From our friendly and compassionate staff, to superior image quality and accurate reports, we are here to serve you with unsurpassed care.

With state-of-the-art technology operated by our caring professionals, we are confident that your visit with us will be a pleasant experience.  Our expert, licensed technologists and board-certified, sub-specialty radiologists deliver the highest quality results to ensure diagnostic accuracy.

Tinley Park Open MRI provides maximum diagnostic performance while ensuring optimum patient comfort.  The open, spacious design provides greater comfort and less anxiety during the scanning process.  In fact, our truly  Open MRI, accommodating patients up to 500lbs., provides the most open design and space of any MRI in the world. The open design also allows for a loved one or caregiver to sit with you during the exam, holding your hand during the study.  This is especially valuable for pediatric or anxious patients.  At Tinley Park Open MRI, you can be confident that you are receiving the latest in comfort and diagnostic excellence.